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Marathon prediction 3:50:09 hh:mm:ss (56 day Tanda equation, in 7 days time).

In the last 56 days (since 09/10/2020) you have run:

189 km in 17 hours 52 minutes (averaging 3.4 km at 05:39 mm:ss per km taking 19:09 per day).

You ran on 30 of the last 56 days (53%), an average of 6.3 km taking 35:44.

On those days, this was the equivalent effort that a 3:41:12 hh:mm:ss marathon runner might do every day.

Distribution of daily totals and progression through training space

Your daily average (circles, lighter red for the older ones), the Tanda lines for marathon runners of different speeds (thin lines) and your progression over the last 56 days ending with a blue circle showing your current 56 day average.

Pushing the blue circle to the right (doing more distance) and upwards (faster) will make you fitter.

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