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This is a small and simple web-application that displays an analysis of run training from data held on Strava.

I (Christof Schwiening) wrote the application to replace an Excel spreadsheet that I have used for many years and has often been requested by others. I have been reluctant to do so because it contained much idiosyncratic code and required careful use to avoid it becoming corrupted. Also, the Excel Spreadsheet was driven by Macros (VBA) and had a number of drawbacks including the inability to run on portable devices and hard to use for sharing data with others. This replacement is far simpler, but under continuous development (at least at Nov 2019) and it has a number of critical advantages to my spreadsheet. First, anyone can use it. Simply click the link below to authorize the application against your Strava training data. It will then give you an analysis of your own data. It should work well on mobile devices and you can share a link with others to allow them to see your training data. This is particularly useful if you have a 'coach' or you are training with a group of other runners targetting particular events. (Sharing is done through a simple weblink - see the bottom of the page once you authorize the application.) My motivation to make this simple is a response to posts often made by runners were they give details of their training and ask why something is happening or what they should do next. These are questions that are hard to answer without seeing the full training being done. Sharing a link to your training should allow someone to respond in a more considered fashion. Of course, with all of this data there are real risks and there are a few things you should be aware of:

First, the application requires that I cache a copy of your running data (distances, times, heart rates) on my Server to allow for processing. This data is just a small part of what Strava holds on you. Whilst I try and maintain good security practices I cannot guarantee that I will not be hacked.

I will also be able to inspect your data - I need to do this to implement various features as my own data is rather atypical. If you are uncomfortable with this, please do not use the application.

I am a member of Cambridge University and a frequent reviewer of Human Ethical Approval applications, which may give you some indication of my likely probity.

I will not comment, discuss, disseminate or contact you about your data unless requested to. Should you contact me ( I will be able to offer you advice on the processing of your data (time constraints allowing), but I am not a coach nor a terribly good runner.

The application does NOT give me any access to changing any settings on your Strava account - all it allows for is the reading of your activities.

What do the plots mean?

To understand the implications of the plots requires some knowledge - especially about what I mean when I plot a 'Tanda' Day. The Tanda bit refers to Giovanni Tanda who published a paper suggesting that marathon performance can be predicted from simply the distance you run in an eight week period and the time it took. I have written about it here. I first came across the paper in 2014 - at a point where no one was talking about it. The surprise was how well his formula had predicted my past marathons [I have a 0 offset from his prediction, you may out or under perform the predictive equation].

Anyway, read the blog posts if you want to know more. The important feature is that the Tanda prediction does correlate well with improved marathon performance.

If you can improve your eight week Tanda prediction then (all other things being equal) will probably be able to race a faster marathon - but, I make no promises.

Feel free to access your own plots by clicking here to trigger the authorization process.

Christof Schwiening, Cambridge, November 2019